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I have been a Luthier-Guitarmaker since 1971, Originally started my Love of Guitar Construction in Cuba, I now reside in Florida, USA. Over the years I have repaired and studied many Instruments by many Great makers, like Gerundino, Fleta, Ramirez,and others. I have incorporated some of their ideas and details into my own Fumero Classical & Flamenco Guitar design. I construct my Guitars, not only for Beauty in Detail, but importance in Sound, Volume, Sustain, Tone, wich are very Important in a True Professional Instrument of Value. Each Fumero Guitar is Unique, I feel and Work the Fine Woods for Best Results .

My Fumero Instruments are meant to compare to Instruments that cost much more. My instruments are 100% Constructed by me, No Helpers, No Factory production. Construction time is 2 to 3 Months,Owning a Fumero Guitar you will have much Value, and a Wonderful Sounding Instrument to Play for many years.

Our Standard Classical Guitar scale is 650mm, 660mm for Flamenco Guitars. Other sizes and details on request. Well aged ,Naturally Air Dried, Fine Solid Materials used thruout the Construction of Instruments.

Special features offered= 3 Hole Bridge, Elevated Fretboard on Trebel Side. Exotic Hardwoods. Prices start at $1500.00 wich include Hardcase.

Please Inquire about Special Orders, Availability, More info and Pictures Available at your request. Thank you for visiting......Narciso Fumero.